JMWE for JIRA Server 5.5.0 release notes

We are excited to announce JMWE 5.5, which brings some major enhancements:

Integrated help system

In this release, we've worked primarily on making JMWE scripting much easier, through a brand new integrated online help system that includes:

  • Expected values for each field type
  • A Groovy Templates primer
  • A description of which global variables and functions are available to use in your scripts
  • An explanation of how to access any issue field
  • The list of methods and properties available on issue objects
  • A complete JavaDoc-style documentation of any Jira, JMWE, Java or Groovy class

Improved Email Issue post-function

  • You can now select between several email templates, or use none and provide html contents for the entire email body.
  • You can now omit the html version of the email body. In that case, the plain text body will be converted automatically to html using Jira wiki-style rendering.
  • In the html body, you can now include an html representation of any field - including wiki-rendered text fields such as Description.
  • New issue.url and issue.serviceDeskUrl properties returning the full URL to the issue's view screen or Service Desk customer view screen allow you to easily insert a link to the issue in the email body.

Improved Create/Clone Issue post-function

  • The Create/Clone Issue post-function can now create multiple issues at once, by iterating over a list of values returned by an iteration Groovy script. For example, the post-function can iterate over the contents of a multi-user picker custom field and create one issue per user in that field, assigning the issue to that user.
  • The Create/Clone Issue post-function now also supports running a custom Groovy script over each issue created by it.
  • You can now copy Comments from the current issue to the newly created issue(s).
  • You can now set the Resolved field on the newly create issue(s), although this is not generally recommended.

And also

  • The Scripted (Groovy) Validator can now be associated with a field, under which the error, if any, will be displayed.
  • The Scripted (Groovy) post-function now supports the "run as" option
  • It is now possible to activate error reporting on individual post-functions instead of setting the global error handling option on the JMWE Configuration page. This is especially useful during workflow design and debugging on a production Jira instance.
  • Customer Request Type names can now be used in place of Customer Request Type IDs.

Bug fixes

  • [JMWE-509] - Validation message for mandatory fields is not displayed during the form validation of Scripted (Groovy) Condition and Scripted (Groovy) post-function
  • [JMWE-585] - condition/validator editor validation messages prevent further saving
  • [JMWE-628] - Cannot set Time Estimate fields in Create/Clone Issue and in Transition Issue post-functions