JMWE for JIRA Server 5.6.0 release notes

We are excited to announce JMWE 5.6.0, which brings the following improvements:

New post-functions

  • A Clear field value post-function to clear the value of one or more fields of the current issue
  • Clear field value of linked issues post-function to clear the value of one or more fields on issues linked to the current issue
  • Set issue, user or project Entity Property value post-function to set Jira "entity properties" on issues, projects or users

New validator

  • Linked issue(s) Validator to enforce the creation of issue links during the transition, with certain characteristics, or to verify the existence of such links

Groovy scripting improvements

  • An HTTP and REST client is now available for use in Groovy scripts to access external systems
  • New getUrl method on Attachment objects that returns the download URL of attachments
  • New getEntityProperty, setEntityProperty and deleteEntityProperty methods on Issue, ApplicationUser and Project objects to manipulate entity properties from Groovy scripts
  • The linkedIssues method on Issue objects now includes issue links being added on the transition screen

Other enhancements

  • The Field Required Validator now always displays the field name in the error message
  • The Query Fields Marketplace app is now supported by the Fields Required validator
  • The Transition linked issues and Transition parent issues post-functions now support ignoring permissions, conditions and validators
  • The Create/Clone issue(s) post-function now supports specifying a dynamic (calculated) issue type

Bug fixes

  • [JMWE-646] - linkedIssue variable not visible on Issue Fields and Issue Methods help tabs
  • [JMWE-648] - Linked Issue Status Validator doesn't work on issue creation screen
  • [JMWE-659] - More help tab in the Groovy help section does not work in the latest version of Jira