JMWE for JIRA Server 6.3.4 release notes

This version brings the following improvements and bug fixes:


  • Support for the Secure Fields app: when JMWE reads Secure Fields, it now bypasses security to access the value of the field
  • Set Field Value post-function: better post function positioning warnings
  • JMWE Validators now always display the error message on Jira Service Desk projects, including when creating a request from the customer portal

Bug fixes:

  • [JMWE-864] - Field Required Validator doesn't show asterisk on Create Linked Issue dialog
  • [JMWE-865] - Post-functions that operate on issues returned by a Groovy expression failing for certain scripts
  • [JMWE-866] - Related issues: JQL search should use run-as user
  • [JMWE-867] - If Groovy script or JQL return current issue, post function does not update the issue
  • [JMWE-868] - Transition picker: workflow and transition names don't support single quote character
  • [JMWE-870] - Email issue: Image attachments are not visible in MS Outlook
  • [JMWE-871] - Change history written to current issue and not related issues when custom fields are cleared using Clear fields of related issues
  • [JMWE-873] - "issue updated" event not triggered anymore when updating a custom field
  • [JMWE-875] - Copying from single to multi-value field should not consider comma as separator
  • [JMWE-876] - Create Issue(s) post-function should not send comment notifications when copying comments