JMWE for Jira Server 7.0.1 release notes

JMWE 7.0.1 brings the following improvements and bug fixes:


  • Joda DateTime values are now supported as Date/Time values in addition to Java Date
  • The "Run As" feature now supports running as the user in a field, or a user returned by a Groovy script
  • Infinite loops are now detected for Create/Clone, Transition Related Issue and Transition Issue post-functions

And bug fixes

  • JMWE-1170 Create Issue post-function: New issue is unlinked if we select “Linked Issues” field under “Set fields of new issue” and select “Copy value from current issue”.
  • JMWE-1167 User Validator/Condition UI validation break when user not select any one checkbox of the user is section
  • JMWE-1165 "No such property" error message is showing when we test shared groovy script after the update the shared groovy script name
  • JMWE-1164 Shared Script editor should force name to start with an uppercase
  • JMWE-1162 Asterisk randomly not showing for required fields on Create screen
  • JMWE-1150 Incorrect header of Add post-function dialog when the page contains code mirror
  • JMWE-984 Group Picker (single group) and Version Picker (single version) should not be displayed in field dropdown of "Add Field Value to Parent Issue Post-function"