JMWE for JIRA Server 5.1.0 release notes

This version brings the following improvements:

New Features:

In Groovy scripts, you can now easily import (use) any Class or Component/Service exposed by Jira or any add-on installed in your Jira instance (JMWE-224JMWE-555JMWE-576). You can also use the new issue.getAsJsonData("Field name") method to access a JSON-style version of a field's value.

You can now disable (hide) a global transition from certain issue statuses using the new Current Status Condition (JMWE-340).

The Email Issue post-function now supports sending an email to arbitrary email addresses (JMWE-570).

Any field made required by the Field is Required Validator will now be marked as required (using a red asterisk) on the corresponding transition or create issue screen (JMWE-582).


  • [JMWE-106] - Check that Time Spent has been set or changed
  • [JMWE-504] - Support copying the "attachments" field
  • [JMWE-579] - Support Groovy expressions in "Transition" field in "Transition XXX issues" post-functions
  • [JMWE-581] - In Create Issue post-function, store the newly created issue in the transientVars variable
  • [JMWE-584] - Support selecting multiple statuses in the Previous Status condition
  • [JMWE-588] - Conditional execution scripts and Scripted Conditions/Validators should support returning Groovy "truth"

Bug fixes:

  • [JMWE-526] - Issue in picker fields when the selected value is deleted
  • [JMWE-573] - Cannot remove deleted custom field from "Field is required Validator"
  • [JMWE-577] - Resolution field cannot be set during Create/Clone Issue post-function
  • [JMWE-578] - Issues are always linked with outward link irrespective of the link type selected in the Link issues post-function
  • [JMWE-580] - Issue.setFieldValue doesn't support GStrings
  • [JMWE-589] - (?) under the Groovy editor is disabled
  • [JMWE-590] - Cannot copy dates in Create Issue Post-function when locales don't match