JMWE for Jira Server 6.0.0 release notes

JMWE 6.0.0 brings the following improvements:

Jira 8 compatibility

JMWE 6.0.0 is fully compatible with Jira Software/Core 8, as well as with Jira Service Desk 4.0. JMWE 6.0.0 is also backward compatible with Jira 7.0.11 and above.

Conditional validation

JMWE Validators now support a new Conditional Validation option that allows you to specify under which circumstances validation should occur. For example, if you want to make a field mandatory only if the issue is of Blocking priority, you can use the Field Required Validator together with the following condition: issue.getAsString("priority") == "Blocker"

Groovy improvements

  • An isInternal() method on Comment objects to check whether a comment on a Jira Service Desk issue is Internal or Shared with customer
  • A secondsBetween global function to easily calculate the duration, in seconds, between two dates
  • workdaysBetween global function to calculate the number of workdays (excluding weekends) between two dates
  • The Groovy script tester page has been renamed to Groovy Console

And a few bug fixes

  • [JMWE-706] - ${} expressions are not supported in some Groovy scripts
  • [JMWE-712] - Transition Linked/Parent/Current Issues and Create/Clone Issues post-function stop when adding an empty comment
  • [JMWE-717] - Create/Clone Issue(s) post-function should create the specified issue link during issue creation, not after