JMWE for JIRA Server 5.0.5 release notes

This version brings the following improvements:

New Features:

  • [JMWE-489] - New jqlSearch Groovy function for searching for issues using JQL
  • [JMWE-564] - New getRemoteLinks Issue method to access remote links from Groovy scripts


  • [JMWE-535] - Inject the transientVars variable into the Groovy context
  • [JMWE-542] - Display Groovy expression in the description of post-functions in the list of post-functions for the transition
  • [JMWE-553] - Provide a summary field for Scripted (Groovy) Conditions and Validators
  • [JMWE-556] - Support a customized validation error message in the Parent status validator and Previous status Validator
  • [JMWE-563] - Support the Watchers custom field type (from add-on)
  • [JMWE-565] - Support Jira Portfolio's "Parent Link" as a link type

Bug fixes:

  • [JMWE-568] - Email Issue post-function sends multiple emails to the same recipient when a user is in multiple roles of the issue
  • [JMWE-554] - Epic/Story links are not properly supported when multiple "Epic-Story Link" system link types coexist
  • [JMWE-557] - Cannot add more than one Transition issue post-function to a transition
  • [JMWE-558] - Error while fetching workflow in the Transition picker when the workflow name has a "\" or "/"
  • [JMWE-559] - Run As not fully working in Create Issue post-function
  • [JMWE-562] - Create issue post-function fails to set a single/multi-line text custom field with a text having comma
  • [JMWE-566] - Groovy JSON and XML parsers are no longer available from Groovy scripts
  • [JMWE-567] - Cannot set Resolution field to null