JMWE for JIRA Server 5.7.0 release notes

We are excited to announce JMWE 5.7.0, which brings the following improvements:

New workflow condition

  • Linked issue(s) Condition that checks issues linked to the current issue. Can be used to test the existence of certain issue links, or the details of linked issues.

Other enhancements

  • An addAvailableOption method on Issue objects to add missing components, versions or options to issue fields
  • A getUserProperty method on ApplicationUser objects to access User Properties (as defined on the Edit User Properties Jira admin page)
  • An option on all post-functions that copy or set field values to create missing versions, component or options
  • The Linked issues status Condition and Validator new allow focusing on a specfic issue type
  • The Linked Issues Validator configuration has been redesigned for better clarity
  • The Email Issue post-function now exposes an html-rendered version of transientVars.comment to the html body template
  • The Transition [Current/Linked/Parent] Issue post-functions now support specifying multiple transitions

Bug fixes

  • [JMWE-675] - Create issue Post Function: dynamic issue type doesn't work for multiple issue creation
  • [JMWE-676] - Comment Linked Issues: Duplicated comment when commenting parent issue
  • [JMWE-680] - Comment Required Validator doesn't display the error message in JSD projects
  • [JMWE-681] - Field has been modified validator doesn't work with Original and Remaining Estimate fields
  • [JMWE-683] - Validators don't show the error message below the Original and Remaining Estimate fields