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JMWE for Jira Cloud 1.1.12-AC release notes

The primary goal of this version is to continue preparing for Atlassian's upcoming GDPR changes (which have been rescheduled to May 16th, 2019). 

The major new feature of this version is a brand new GDPR Migration Tool that makes it much easier to make all the changes to JMWE workflow post-functions required by Atlassian's GDPR changes. See Spring 2019 breaking changes for GDPR for details.

In addition, this version includes the following changes:


  • Add an option to the roleMembers filter to return display names instead of accountIds

Bug fixes:

  • [MWEC-375] - Copying of cascading fields across issues fails
  • [MWEC-376] - "Ignore empty value" option does not ignore empty values anymore
  • [MWEC-378] - Create issue post-function fails when creating a Service Desk request with a specific request type
  • [MWEC-379] - Copy Value From Field to Field doesn't support copying from a single-valued field to a multi-valued field
  • [MWEC-380] - Errors while adding Watchers are not logged
  • [MWEC-382] - Cannot set user-type fields to "dumped" (JSON) user value
  • [MWEC-383] - "Add value(s) to the field" option doesn't work when passing values as JSON
  • [MWEC-384] - Nunjucks editor breaks on Firefox