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JMWE for Jira Cloud 1.2.6-AC release notes

This version brings major new features as well as many improvements:

Highlights of this release:

Many post-functions can now act on specified target issues

Many post-functions that were previously acting on the current issue can now operate on specified target issues. The target issue(s) can be the:

  • Current issue This is the default option.

  • Sub-tasks of the current issue

  • Parent issue of the current sub-task

  • Issues that belong to the current issue (Epic)

  • Epic of the current issue

  • Child issues of the current issue in the Portfolio hierarchy

  • Parent issue of the current issue in the Portfolio hierarchy

  • Issues linked to the current issue through any link type

  • Issues linked to the current issue through a specific link type

  • Issues returned by a Nunjucks template

  • Issues returned by a parameterized JQL search

These are the post-functions that now support specifying target issue(s):

  • Assign to Last Role Member
  • Assign to Role Member
  • Clear Fields
  • Comment Issue(s)
  • Delete Issue(s)
  • Email issue(s)
  • Sequence of Post-functions
  • Set field value
  • Shared Action
  • Transition issue(s)

Existing post-functions that operate on linked issues, such as the Clear fields of linked issues post-function, are now marked as deprecated and it is recommended to use their generic version (e.g. the Clear fields post-function) when adding a new post-function. However, these deprecated post-functions will not be removed and will continue working, but they will not receive future enhancements that might be added to their generic counterparts.

The following table lists post-functions that are now deprecated, together with their generic equivalent:

Instead ofUse
Comment linked issuesComment Issue(s)
Transition linked issuesTransition issue(s)
Transition parent issueTransition issue(s)
Set field of linked issuesSet field value
Clear fields of linked issuesClear fields

Other new feature and improvements

  • New Build-your-own (scripted) post-function to run an arbitrary Nunjucks script. This can be used to make REST calls to external systems or to make calls to the Jira Cloud REST API.
  • The Create Issue(s) post function now has an option to ignore fields that are invalid for the new issue type
  • Link Issues post-function now has a "real" Conditional Execution option, separate from the filtering of issues returned by the JQL search
  • Scheduled Actions now have a "run now" button to run a scheduled action immediately
  • The Create Issue post-function now supports longer configurations
  • The Copy Comments to Linked Issues post-function can now be used for bi-directional synchronization of comments - it won't create a ping-pong of comments between the two issues
  • Build-your-own validators now have access to the original issue, i.e. the issue as it was before the user made changes on the transition screen, through the originalIssue variable
  • The Field required validator now supports the Time Spent field
  • Build-your-own conditions and validators now have access to the issue changelog

Bug fixes

  • [MWEC-515] - Create Issue(s) post-function: the transition.context.newIssueKey variable should only be set at the end of the post-function
  • [MWEC-535] - Post functions don't throw errors anymore and thus won't stop sequences
  • [MWEC-537] - Some 403 errors are reported as overloading errors when they're real security errors
  • [MWEC-539] - Copying from the JSD Organizations field to another field doesn't work
  • [MWEC-541] - Post-function view: clicking on the warnings in post function configuration doesn't filter on that post-function
  • [MWEC-547] - The "Restrict to Project Role" option on the "Copy comment to related issue" post-function is not visible in the post-function summary
  • [MWEC-548] - Handle the incorrect messages being logged during the Create/Clone issue post-function execution
  • [MWEC-551] - Field Required Validator doesn't work for the Organizations field