JMWE for JIRA Cloud 1.0.7-AC release notes

This version brings the following improvements:

New post-function

  • You can now create a new issue or clone the current issue during a transition


  • You can now trigger transitions that use transition screens - you can provide the required field values and/or comment
  • It is now possible to select a different destination field when copying from/to parent or linked issues
  • Conditional execution templates are now evaluated for each linked issue, making it possible to execute a post-function on each linked issue based on its own values
  • Post-function execution can now be delayed, to simulate a predictable execution order
  • It is now possible to create a comment on the current issue as another user (useful if you want to restrict the comment visibility)

Bug fix

  • Assign to Role Member post-function now works fine even if some role members are disabled
  • Tempo's Account field is supported again (after a Tempo API change)