JMWE for Jira Cloud 1.2.12-AC release notes

This version introduces some new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

New features

Create event-based actions using our newly added events

Want more flexibility while using our Event-based actions feature? This release introduces the following events offering you additional triggers to configure your actions on:

  • Issue Deleted

  • Attachment Created

  • Attachment Deleted

  • Issue Link Added

  • Issue Link Deleted

  • Work Log Created

  • Work Log Updated

  • Work Log Deleted

For more details, click Event-based actions.

Calculate working days and times using new methods in the date filter

The date filter in the JMWE Nunjucks template now supports new methods that enable you to perform working time calculations. These calculations are based on working days and working times, as defined using the workingTime and holidays variables.

For more information, click Working time calculations.


  • Use the newly added Forbid certain linked issues mode in the Linked Issues condition and Linked Issues validator, to validate if the linked issue(s) with the specified constraints exists. Depending on this validation, the workflow transition:

    • is hidden or shown using the Linked Issues condition

    • can or cannot proceed using the Linked Issues validator

  • Make use of the newly introduced Mode option while working with the Linked Issues Status condition or Linked Issues Status validator. This option allows you to select one of the following conditions that the linked issue(s) must satisfy for the workflow transition to be enabled:

    • All issues must be in the selected statuses below (default option)

    • At least one issue must be in one of the selected statuses below

    • No issue must be in one of the selected statuses below

    • At least one issue must not be in one of the selected statuses below

  • Set values of issue fields such as Fix Versions, Issue Type, or other applicable fields by name or ID using the Set Issue Fields post-function.

  • Set or copy the value of the Customer Request Type field using the Set Issue Fields or Copy Issue Fields post-function respectively.

Bug fixes