JMWE for Jira Cloud 1.2.7-AC release notes

This version brings the following changes:

New feature:

  • New isActiveUser Nunjucks filter to test whether a user object or accountId matches an active Jira user


  • Action information is now shown on the JMWE Logs page

Bug fixes:

  • [MWEC-552] - Scheduled actions for which the JQL search returns 0 issues never stop

  • [MWEC-554] - You can start again a running scheduled action if you click fast enough on the Scheduled Actions screen

  • [MWEC-555] - Scheduled actions for which JQL search throws an error never stop

  • [MWEC-560] - Create Issue(s) post-function: throw an error when the calculated project key is empty

  • [MWEC-561] - Setting Organization field sometimes fails

  • [MWEC-564] - Copy Field from Linked Issues post-function: can't copy from Summary field