JMWE for JIRA Cloud 1.0.12-AC release notes

This version brings the following improvements:

New features:

  • Attachments can now be copied in Copy [...] and Create Issue post-functions, and added by providing a URL

  • [Labs] Automatically refresh issue after post-function has finished running. This feature is experimental and turned off by default, but can be turned on on the JMWE Configuration page.

  • New projectInfo Nunjucks filter to get project details
  • New date Nunjucks filter option to format dates in the current user's time zone or a specified time zone


  • You can now send an email notification to users of a custom user picker or group picker type field, or the result of Nunjucks template
  • Transition Current/Linked/Parent issues post-functions now support specifying the transition name or ID as a Nunjucks template
  • [Labs] The Create Issue post-function can now automatically navigate the user to the newly created issue.
  • JIRA Service Desk's Organizations field can now be written to.

Bug fixes:

  • The Email issue post-function no longer fails when sending to the assignee and the issue is unassigned
  • The Link Issues post-function can now link Epics and Stories together
  • Tempo's Account and Team fields are back