JMWE for Jira Cloud 1.2.8-AC release notes

New major feature: Event-based Actions

Use Event-based Actions to automate processes outside of Jira Workflows.

You can now trigger one or more JMWE post-functions to run when a change is made to an issue, such as fields being modified, an issue being updated, a comment being added, etc.

The following triggers are included in this release:

  • Issue Field Value Change

  • Issue Commented

  • Issue Updated

  • Issue Created

  • Issue Transitioned

For example, when a user updates an issue or modifies certain fields, it can trigger post-functions to:

  • Synchronize issues, i.e., copy content from parent issue to child;

  • Validate field changes, i.e., check the value of fields against the requirement and show guided messages to users (View this how-to demo);

  • Perform calculations, i.e., instantly calculate the value of fields from other fields (View this how-to demo);

  • and more.

Visit our website or read this documentation page to learn more about Event-based Actions.

Nunjucks improvements

  • The callJira and callRest filters now support an option to return errors as a return value instead of stopping the execution of the template and logging an error.

  • In workflow post-functions, the changes made to the issue by the user on the transition screen are now available to Nunjucks templates through the context.changelog global variable.

  • In workflow post-functions, the comment input by the user on the transition screen are now available to Nunjucks templates through the context.comment global variable.

  • The Build-your-own post-function now supports longer templates (scripts).

Other improvements

  • Insight custom fields are now supported in post-functions that set or copy field values.

  • The Satisfaction field of Jira Service Management is now available as a source field in post-functions that copy field values.

  • When creating multiple issues, the Create Issue(s) post-function will now continue iterating after encountering an error while creating an issue.

Bug fixes:

  • MWEC-608 Post-functions that iterate over issues should limit their execution time

  • MWEC-606 callRest filter adds "?" at the end of the URL when no query params are passed

  • MWEC-603 first and last filter is not working properly with strings

  • MWEC-593 Long post-function configurations in Sequences don't work

  • MWEC-590 Advanced Roadmap's Team field cannot be copied from

  • MWEC-583 Create Issue(s) post-function: Cannot set the Request Participants field when creating a JSD request

  • MWEC-582 Extra ":" in Transition Current Issue for Target Issues for "JQL" and "Nunjuck"

  • MWEC-574 Create loop detection stopped working after recent Jira Cloud change