JMWE for JIRA Cloud 1.0.13-AC release notes

This version brings the following improvements:

New features:

  • Brand new Log viewer that allows you to easily troubleshoot issues with JMWE
  • We now have a page to track potential issues with the add-on:
  • New groupMembers custom Nunjucks filter


  • Infinite loops created using the Create Issue post-function are now prevented (and logged)
  • Email Issue post-function is now much easier to use
  • New nowObj variable in the Nunjucks context containing the current date/time as an object
  • JIRA Portfolio team field is now supported
  • The Nunjucks editor now has an improved look & feel
  • Transition Current/Linked/£Parent Issues post-functions now trim whitespace around transition names and IDs

Bug fixes:

  • "Issue Type" field should not be offered as a field to add on the Create Issue post-function configuration screen
  • Nunjucks tester script box doesn't expand beyond page limits anymore
  • User Properties Editor now supports JSON properties