JMWE for Jira Cloud 1.2.9-AC release notes

This version brings the following changes:

New feature:

  • New organizations Nunjucks filter to return the list of Organizations a user belongs to


  • All field selection dropdown menus have been replaced with field “pickers” to make it easier to select a field in a long list of fields

  • The Create Issue(s) post-function now ignores errors when adding entity properties to the current issue, when the issue is not editable

Bug fixes:

  • MWEC-670 Transitions Tab doesn't work in NextGen Projects

  • MWEC-665 Transition comment not copied by the "Create Issue" post-function inside a Sequence or Shared Action

  • MWEC-653 Field Required Validator doesn't handle comment field properly

  • MWEC-637 Copy comments to related issues doesn't prevent copying copies of comments back to the original issue

  • MWEC-636 Copy Comments to Related Issues doesn't work with "current comment" for event-based actions

  • MWEC-632 If two Event-based actions listening to fields changes run at the same time, only one works

  • MWEC-626 Create Issue(s) post-function fails in a Scheduled Action

  • MWEC-624 Delete issue post function returns 400 error when deleting multiple sub-tasks

  • MWEC-604 Field Required Validator (JMWE app) should test for attachments added on the transition screen