JMWE for Jira Cloud 1.2.2-AC release notes

This version brings the following changes:

New features:

  • New callJira Nunjucks filter to call any Jira Cloud REST API on the current Jira instance
  • New callRest Nunjucks filter to call any external REST API
  • New Field Required Validator with conditional validation
  • Business day calculations in date Nunjucks filter


  • The Create Issue(s) post-function now supports copying all comments to the new issue(s)
  • The Linked Issues Validator now supports enforcing the creation of new links

Bug fixes:

  • [MWEC-434] - Logs cannot be parsed when a configuration field is too long
  • [MWEC-440] - Jira expressions help doesn't document accessing Date and Date/Time custom fields correctly
  • [MWEC-458] - Bugs in tags help text
  • [MWEC-459] - Delayed execution changes to 1 sec upon editing the post-function
  • [MWEC-461] - roleMembers filter fails with internal server error when the role has a non-existent group
  • [MWEC-462] - Sprints filter returns 404 when the board is not found
  • [MWEC-467] - Some conditions and validators return null instead of false