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JMWE for Jira Cloud 1.1.13-AC release notes

Highlights of this release: 

  • Conditions and Validators for Jira Cloud are here. These features were previously unavailable from User-installed apps for Jira Cloud. We took advantage of the newly released API and the Jira expressions domain-specific language recently developed and made available by Atlassian to implement the most requested conditions and validators.
  • Introducing Build-your-own (scripted) Condition and Validator. Extend your workflows even further using Jira expressions scripting with our easy yet powerful editor and its inline, interactive help system. Watch this one-minute video.
  • Now see Issue Transitions history in the activity section. Easily view the history of status changes of an issue with authors and time-in-status data.
  • Also released new and updated post-functions, and more.

This version brings the following new features and improvements:

New features:


  • The Jira Service Desk Organizations field can now be set by organization name in addition to organization ID;
  • Tempo's Account field can now be set by account name in addition to account ID;
  • Option values (single- and multi-select custom fields) can now be set by Option ID instead of Option name;
  • A warning is now logged when a Conditional execution template is missing curly braces;
  • The Create Issue post-function now supports setting fields by copying from another field of the current issue;
  • The linkedIssues filter now supports multiple link types as parameters;
  • Copying attachments will now avoid creating duplicate attachments when the same transition is run twice;
  • The first, last, join, random, rejectattr, and selectattr Nunjucks filters now return undefined when passed a null or undefined value, instead of throwing an error;
  • The Create/Clone Issue(s) post-function now stores in the newly created issue the key of the original issue in a searchable issue entity property;
  • The Copy comments to linked issues post-function will never copy the same comment twice to the same destination issue anymore
  • The Reporter field can now be set when creating a JSD Request in the Create/Clone Issue(s) post-function.

Bug fix:

  • Invalid users appearing in the Specific users option of the Email Issue post-function were not cleared even after removing them and saving the post-function