JMWE for JIRA Cloud 1.0.11-AC release notes

This version brings the following improvements:

New features:

  • New Email Issue post-function that allows you to send custom email notifications to selected users
  • New Link Issues post-function that allows you to link the current issue to issues found through a JQL search
  • New Unlink Issues post-function that allows you to unlink certain issues from the current issue
  • New Nunjucks tester page in the Add-ons section of the JIRA administration section


  • Support for JIRA Service Desk's Organizations field
  • Post-functions that affect a large number of linked issues will put less strain on the JIRA Cloud instance

Bug fixes:

  • The sprints Nunjucks custom filter works again (it was broken by a recent JIRA bug)
  • Replaced the links to Atlassian Answers with links to the new Atlassian Community